Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Wow Damon Huard can throw a football. When he started passing the ball in Sundays game against Minnasota every Chiefs fan in the country came to life. And we had a reason to get excited. But will he pass against the Chargers? I hope so, the chiefs have some great recievers so why not use them. LJ doesn't have to have the ball all the time. We all know that LJ can put up some yards but they need WINS and LJ can win with getting us touchdowns but they can't get touchdowns if they can't make it down the field. The receivers will get them down the field. So I rest my case!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We want a Quarter back "Please"

Why would you trade Trent Green and put in a gun shy QB who is not quik or accerate? Hello I have a idea ummmm his name is Brodie Croyle. Yes thats it humm he's fast, not gun shy and has a arm like a bullet and he can hit recievers. They will win games and play awsome and make spetacular catches and you will see the chiefs again. Wow now thats what a fan wants anyways I know thats what I want.

Where oh where have the Chiefs gone?

I have been a Chiefs fan for many years and I don't understand what has happened to them. They have a lot of great players, so why do they struggle to win games. They use to be so awsome and made some spectacular plays and now they can't do anything. Is it all about the money and not winning the games or what. I wish Herm Edwards would set LJ on the bench for a couple of weeks because he isn't doing anything. He through this big fit wanting more money and he didn't show up for spring training, and he got what he wanted, now he needs to give his fans what we want and that is wins because we pay part of his "BIG" salary! What is a football player without fans? "He is a fan of the game, but not the hero of the fans"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

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Sources: Dale Jr. to race in No. 88 car next season

LOUDON, N.H. -- Fans who liked watching Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the No. 8 since he moved to the Nextel Cup series eight years ago will double their pleasure in 2008.
Earnhardt will drive two stylized 8s next season for Hendrick Motorsports, sources told on Friday.

Jason Smith/Getty Images for NASCAR
Adding an 8: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected to drive the No. 88 car next season.
Robert Yates Racing, sources said, has agreed to sell the No. 88 that Dale Jarrett drove to the 1999 championship.
The car, which sources said will be sponsored by Mountain Dew and the Amp energy drink, will be revealed for the first time at a Wednesday press conference in Dallas.
Earnhardt, who owns a Busch Series car with the No. 88, would not confirm the report.
"Everybody will have to wait 'till Wednesday," he said. "We looked at a lot of different options and we have a lot of different trademarks. People are pretty familiar with what we're looking at as far as that goes."
Earnhardt had hoped the No. 8 would follow him from Dale Earnhardt Inc. to HMS. But when he couldn't reach a deal with stepmother/team owner Teresa Earnhardt, he began exploring other options.
As many as seven numbers were considered, most of them containing an 8.
"It's going to be a lot of fun to really see the reaction of the fans and I hope that they really enjoy what we're going to do," Earnhardt said. "We've been having a lot of fun with design and with the approach and sort of forming what our identity is going to be on the race track and off the track.
"It's going to be lots and lots of work. The hardest part is not changing anything you do personally about your personality or your mannerisms or anything and trying to get them to understand that that's who you are."
NASCAR's most popular driver isn't surprised by the amount of attention his number change has gotten among fans.
"It's a big deal," he said. "It's a really big deal. I don't know how to gauge the level of attention or compare it to anything else. But it's a pretty big deal for us.
"I'm super excited about it. I want to see changeable painted decaled racecars, and it's really going to sink in. It's sort of like waiting on Christmas."